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I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t know if I’m going to continue, but I guess it should go up because I’d love some feedback on it.

Rated G

Word Count 184

There was something about her, and it wasn’t her long legs.  Nor was it the curve of her hips and chest.  Not the bow of her lips or the cornsilk of her blonde hair or even the angle of her eyebrow.

It wasn’t even the way her body fit against his, or the way she said his name.

It was the way he could always read the smile in her eyes, the silent words that walked between them and told him how happy he made her.  It was the way she bit her lip when she looked at him, like there were always things she wanted to tell him but knew that he already knew.  It was the way her eyes snapped to him every time he entered the room.

It was the way her palm felt against his.  The way the rings on her fingers made his fingers cold in the wintertime, because she refused to wear gloves if they were going to hold hands.  The way her thumb pressed against the back of his hand to make sure he didn’t pull away.

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